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Soccer Performance

Soccer is characterized as a high-intensity, intermittent, contact team sport that requires a number proficient physical and physiological capabilities to perform successfully. Apart from the necessary technical and tactical skills required, soccer players must also develop and retain a high level of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, speed , agility, strength, and power.  These are best developed through high intensity interval training, small sided games, repeated sprints, coached speed and agility sessions and strength and power-based gym sessions. 

What Type of Training?

This is mid size group training.  We built a 12 week program to increase Speed, agility, quickness and overall power/strength.    Even though it is mid size group training we pride ourselves on an individual feel in our sessions, so no one feels left behind or not understanding what we are trying to accomplish.

Our sessions range in age from 8 year olds just starting club to professional soccer players trying to advance their performance.

Click the link to see schedule times and days.

Where is the Soccer Performance Training Located?

We are excited to bring you our Soccer Performance Training at Foros fields in Addison, Texas!
We will be using multiple fields and our state of the art equipment to bring you the best Soccer Performance in the state of Texas.

14725 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

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